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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Yorkshire is top 10 tourist region

30th October 2013 | Dr Simon Woodward

Dr Simon Woodward reacts to the news that Yorkshire has been named in the top 10 tourist regions for 2014.   So, the publishers of …

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The Victorian Ghost

29th October 2013 | Professor Ruth Robbins

In this video, Professor Ruth Robbins, Head of our School of Cultural Studies and Humanities and an expert in Victorian literature, explores the Victorians’ fascination …

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Why Great Britain Needs Scottish Independence

28th October 2013 | admin

In this post, global trade and international development expert Dr Mark Langan, assesses the case for Scottish Independence ahead of next year’s referendum.   The Political Studies …

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Why are the public so misinformed about welfare and work?

21st October 2013 | Professor Colin Webster

As another poverty report is published, Professor Colin Webster asks: why are the public so misinformed about welfare and work? The publication last week of …

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