Nikos Stavropoulos was born in Athens in 1975. He studied Piano, harmony and counterpoint at the National School of Music and Nakas conservatoire in Greece. In 2000 he graduated from the Music Department of the University of Wales, Bangor, where the next year he was awarded an MMus in electroacoustic composition studying with Dr. Andrew Lewis. In 2005 he completed a PhD at the University of Sheffield Sound Studios with Dr. Adrian Moore, specialising in tape composition in stereo and multi-channel formats, as well as music for video and live electronics. His works ranges from instrumental to tape and mixed media. He has composed music for video and dance and his music has been awarded mentions and prizes at international competitions (Bourges, 2000,2002, Metamorphose, Brussels 2002, SCRIME, Bordeaux 2003, Musica Miso, Potrugal, 2004, Metamorphose, Brussels 2008, Punto de Encuentro Canarias International Electroacoustic Composition Competition 2008). Other interests include the performance practice of electroacoustic music, diffusion systems and teaching music and music technology. He is a member of Sonic Arts Network and Hellenic Electroacoustic Music Composers Association. He joined the Music, Sound & Performance Group at Leeds Metropolitan University in 2006 and is a founding member of the Echochroma New Music Research Group.



Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education


Nikos is currently working on a music for fixed media and voice project as well as a generative composition:Livecell is a system for the interactive real-time composition and performance of music for live string quartet. Users interact with a touch screen to create and destroy cells in a continuously evolving artificial life simulation based on cellular automata. The state of these cells is continuously translated into a musical score, which is then transmitted over the network to the musicians’ laptops to be performed by the string quartet live as it appears on their screens.